Our Mission To Serve The Lord

Our mission is very straight forward. God willing, we plan to positively impact the lives of Billions of people all around the world through providing positive messages and Jesus related products to the marketplace. We have faith that these products provide constant reminders to stay focused on Jesus in everyday scenarios and moments of decision. Jesus products have a substantial power of influence on those who wear them, and often spark holy conversation. Blessings En Route LLC (WWJDWorldwide.com) is a Bible based company who provides quality, ethical products. We hope you decide to save our info and continue to do business with us in the future. We plan to do this for a long time and are continuing to expand our product line. We greatly appreciate your business, thank you for any and all support. God Bless You & Yours! 

-Taylor Conner, Founder & CEO

Visit Our WWJD Product Catalog

Now that you are familiar with our company, please head to the top of the page and access our product catalog through the main drop menu. Our WWJD collection continues to expand in different colors and quantities. Here you will find our Woven and Silicone style WWJD Bracelets in many different colors. Check it out! :)